2GCMEA Re-cap (continued from September/October Newsletter)

02 Sep

2GCMEA was under the technical leadership of the Microwave Working Group and Dr. Rebecca Schulz was the Technical Program Chair. The Materials Research Society (MRS) provided sponsorship and program assistance. The program was organized so that each of the 5 societies held a plenary session and in some cases a special panel discussion. There was a total of 25 sessions often held as 3 parallel sessions, plus an extensive poster session, consisting of 127 podium presentations plus 40 posters. The session topics included:

  • Green processing
  • Modeling
  • Microwave assisted chemistry
  • Ceramics and Glass research
  • HF/RF/plasma dielectrics
  • Metals processing
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Commercial applications
  • Nanotechnology
  • Process controls

 Two IMPI speakers presented the Plenary Session on July 25:

  • Bob Schiffmann: “IMPI, Super Bowl 2012 and the Search for the Killer App”
  • Juming Tang: “915 MHz Single-mode Microwave Technology for commercial Production of  Safe Foods”

 In addition, a special 3 ½ hour session was organized by the US Department of Energy (DOE) n the topic “Microwave and Radio Frequency as Enabling Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing”

Also at 2GCMEA, IMPI President, Bob Schiffmann was honored by his peers as the recipient of the first “Metaxas Microwave Pioneer” award recognizing his achievements in microwave processing, microwave ovens and microwavable products, and as an expert in the commercial advancement of this technology as demonstrated by his many contributions to the field including his many publications and patents and the numerous successful commercial applications resulting from his research. Congratulations, Bob!

The conference banquet was held on the Queen Mary where numerous awards were presented including to MTA members: Dr. A. C. (Ricky) Metaxas and Bob Schiffmann. In addition, Dr. Motoyasu Sato of the “National Institute of Fusion Science” in japan received the first Rustum Roy Award for his outstanding achievements in scientific research on microwave energy.”

3GCMEA will be held at the University of Cartagena Spain in 2016.

For further information about the programme and how to obtain a copy of the Proceedings:


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