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Metal: To Microwave or Not To Microwave…

…that is the question!

Please take a look at a fantastic piece on microwaving metal, written by Paul Hope at


Paul Hope evaluates and writes about kitchen appliances and gadgets ranging in size from paper plates to refrigerators and stoves. In addition to editorial reviews, Paul also tests products seeking the Good Housekeeping Seal. A background in food helps him appreciate equipment, and as a trained chef, he knows exactly what to look for. You can contact Paul by email at


Melamine & Microwaves

It has long been known that Melamine dishes are not suitable for microwave oven use. A recent comment found on a Tip-of-the-Week at on aptly articulates the reasons why:

MicrowaveGuru says:

There can be a very small amount of migration of the melamine-formaldehyde resin, but as you stated elsewhere, the FDA concluded that it was well below the safe use limit. However, the real reason for not microwaving melamine dishes or cookware is that it can become very hot when microwaved. Most plastics are microwave transparent and do not get hot. Melamine absorbs microwave energy and, as a result, heats.



IMPI’s Microwave Short Course Featured on Good Housekeeping Blog

Check out Good Housekeeping’s blog for a great write-up on IMPI’s latest Microwave Short Course. The author was in attendance and speaks to Microwave Myths and what he learned.

Good Housekeeping Blog

If you’re interested in attending a microwave course, please visit our IMPI Organization page at:


IMPI’s Blog has launched!


Hello new readers! The International Microwave Power Institute is jumping on the blog-bandwagon with the hopes of communicating FACTUAL information to combat the enormous amount of mis-information, currently on the web. We are hoping to take on the role of Microwave Mythbuster!

The content here will complement information you read on IMPI’s Main Site as well as both our Facebook and Twitter (#IMPIOrg) pages.

In the near future, posts will be published that fall under the following categories (and then some):

  • “Microwaves DON’T Ruin Everything”
  • “Miscellaneous Myths”
  • “Expert Answers”
  • “IMPI Org”

As we want this blog to be interactive as well as informative, please contact us or leave a comment if there is a topic you would like us to address!